Occupational Absence Medical Assessments

Sickness absence costs UK industry £13 billion per year, with 164 million working days lost.

Any member of staff can self-certificate an absence from work for seven consecutive days and report back to work on the eighth day with no questions asked. Bucket and Sponge Medical Services are able to provide UK registered doctors to visit staff members at home and provide an independent medical assessment and report back to the employer their condition.

Our recommendation is that employers ask their employees their permission for Bucket and Sponge Medical Services to visit them on the third or fourth day of absence.

Our research indicates that staff return back to work earlier than they otherwise would have done, with appropriate medical advice, benefiting both employer and employee.

Bucket and Sponge Medical Services also provide medical assessments and complete reports on employees absent with long term illnesses with recommendations regarding their appropriate return to work or otherwise.

The price of medical assessments for this purpose vary depending on complexity.

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