Insurance Medicals

Bucket and Sponge Health Services perform medicals on behalf of major life insurance companies.

These medicals can usually be completed in under 45 minutes and the cost is bourne by the insurance company.

Insurance companies request medical examinations for many reasons including the need to properly underwrite a policy such as one for life insurance. The examination will verify that the health declaration you have made on your application is correct and there are no medical issuse that you did not disclose.

The medical examination provides the insurer with the information needed to make a determination whether or not to issue a policy to you. Bucket and Sponge Medical Services do not determine whether you get the insurance or not. Nor do we set the cost of the policy premiums. Once the medical examination is completed, the results are sent directly to the insurer for an underwriter to review and set the insurance rate and cost of the policy.

Be sure to get a good night’s rest before your examination. Your examination may involve the collection of blood and urine to evaluate various chemical levels and a blood pressure measurement. If you are overly tired your laboratory test may display misleading results and your insurance carrier may interpret these results as a sign of increased risk.

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