Bucket and Sponge Health Assessments

The Bucket and Sponge Health Assessment focuses on common health issues and motivates lifestyle change. you will receive a one-to-one medical with a UK General Medical Council registered doctor who will assist you in tailoring a personalised programme to help you achieve your health and well-being goals to enable you to live life to the full.

Bucket and Sponge Medical Services provides a wide range of proactive health checks and screening services for individuals who wish to invest in their health and in the early detection and prevention of future illnesses 

Unlike many other health assessment providers, our health assessment appointments exclusively include a full consultation with a doctor, including a full medical and family history, a complete medical examination and a series of diagnostic tests relevant to you dependent on age, gender and your individual requirements. 

Having determined your current state of health, Bucket and Sponge Health Assessments always incorporate a proactive personal health action plan to encourage healthy living and reduce the risks of major diseases.

Within your comprehensive health assessment you can expect to have a medical history and lifestyle questionnaire, a comprehensive and complete physical examination, vision tests, height and weight measurements, body mass index, body fat percentage, waist to hip ratio, bucket and sponge body composition index, hydration levels, urine analysis, blood tests, lung function tests, resting ecg, cardiovascular risk assessment, nutritional status analysis, blood pressure measurement, assessment of fitness level, cancer prevention awareness, heart health awareness 

All results and findings will be discussed at the time of attendance with management plans organised for any health issues identified. A detailed lifestyle coaching and personalised action plan will be recommended with a written report available within two weeks of attending.

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