Inclusive within Bucket and Sponge Health Assessment

The Bucket and Sponge Comprehensive Health Assessment includes:

Full consultation to discuss any symptoms or worries, lifestyle and occupation

A review of past medical history and any current medication, family history and possible inherited risk factors

Discuss any questions reviewing the different systems of the body

Full examination including general appearance , gait, movement, vision, speech and skin

Examination of the face, hands and neck including thyroid and lymph nodes, eyes, ears, nose and mouth

Heart and lung examination, abdominal examination

Men may have a testicular examination and/or rectal examination

Breast examination and/or gynaecological examination for women

Lung function test and electrocardiography

Blood pressure and heart rate

Urine analysis

Height and weight measurements, body mass index, body fat percentage, waist to hip ratio, the Bucket and Sponge body composition index and hydration levels

Cardiovascular risk assessment calculation, assessment of fitness level, cancer prevention awareness and heart health awareness

All results and findings will be discussed at the time of attendance with management plans organised for any health issues identified. a detailed lifestyle coaching and personalised action plan will be recommended with a written report available within two weeks of attending.

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