Health Assessments

A Bucket and Sponge Health Assessment  takes approximately one hour and provides a comprehensive elucidation of the state of your personal health.

It is better to be examined when you are calm, unhurried and relaxed and provides an almost unique opportunity to be evaluated by a United Kingdom General Medical Council registered doctor and to obtain an excellent idea of where you stand from the medical point of view.

Over the last few years, medicine in the UK has become more and more specialised, even within general practice. doctors tend all too often to examine patients from their own point of view and specialisation, commonly due to time-constraints which the NHS imposes. as a result, important clues to understanding both the diagnosis and the patient generally, can be neglected.

A Bucket and Sponge comprehensive health assessment provides a very thorough assessment of the whole human being, not just of some malperforming part of them.

One of our comprehensive health assessments currently costs £260

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